The Most Beautiful Sound In The World


The Most Beautiful Sound In The World competition

From the sound of footsteps in the snow to the dawn chorus, sound can be beautiful.

The Sound Agency have announced a a global competition to find the most beautiful sound in the world, produced in association with online community BeautifulNow and powered by SoundCloud. The competition is seeking non-musical sounds, recorded from the real world rather than made or mixed by sound designers. entries will be curated into a group of finalists by The Sound Agency and BeautifulNow, after which a communal vote will determine the winner.

Entries will be recordings no longer than three minutes long, submitted from anywhere in the world to, along with a file name and a description of no more than 100 words.

The deadline for entries is December 16, 2013. Julian Treasure will judge the entries to select 10 finalists, to be announced on January 2, 2014. The BeautifulNow community will then vote to choose the world’s most beautiful sound from the finalists, with the winner being announced on January 13, 2014.

“Sound affects us all every day, but most people are unconscious of its power,” commented Julian Treasure, chairman of The Sound Agency. “My vision is to make the world of sound beautiful, so I’m delighted to be judging this competition for the world’s most beautiful sounds. I believe it will raise people’s awareness of sound and help us all to explore the aural beauty that so often goes unnoticed around us.”

“Not everyone agrees on what is beautiful, but beauty is important, in one form or another, to us all. It’s part of what make us human,” said Shira White, BeautifulNow founder. “BeautifulNow is an immersive community experience where you can always expect to find something cutting edge and stunningly beautiful, so this competition is very exciting for us.”


Master of Sound workshops

Thanks to all of the participants who attended last Saturday’s Master of Sound workshop. It was a wonderful day, and a pleasure to meet such an interesting and engaged interesting group of sound enthusiasts and professionals.

After a short Christmas breal, our regular workshops will recommence from January 11th 2014. Tickets are available online here.

Listening game


A fantastic suggestion from Chris, who attended Saturday’s Master of Sound workshop.

“I thought you would like to know I’ve started playing a new game with my kids: As well as ‘I spy with my little eye’, I’ve added ‘I hear with my little ear’.”