Four words that stop people listening to you | Recording

Wow, what a fantastic response we’ve had to last night’s training webinar. It was very enjoyable – thanks to all those who took part.

If you missed the session, a full recording is now available.

Four words that stop people listening to you


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Monday 21st April 2014
19:00 – 19:30 BST
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Making yourself heard is often a challenge simply because most of us have never been trained to speak effectively. Language plays a huge part in this. Poor choice of language can damage your outcomes and your success. When used well, it can inspire, influence, instruct and engage.

In this month’s webinar I’ll be highlighting four key words that drain power from your speaking and make you difficult to listen to. These are common words – you’ll probably find that you use them frequently in everyday conversations.

Becoming aware of how and when you use these words is a simple way to improve your command of language, ensure that you communicate effectively and give you the confidence to express yourself.