How to speak so people listen – Live Q&A

To celebrate the release of my fifth TED talk, I’ll be holding a free On-air Hangout to answer any questions that arise from the talk.

How to speak so people listen is going live on on Friday 27th June.

Visit the event page to confirm your attendance and submit your questions (or email them to

The background sound of a television may hard toddlers’ early language development

New research suggests that the sound of a television in the background can adversely affect toddlers’ language development:

“The din of television noise that serves as the background for many American households may harm early language development for children, researchers say.

In observing interactions between parents and toddlers, a team of social scientists from Hollins University in Roanoke, Va., found that background television noise affected how adults spoke to their children. They watched 49 parents for an hour in laboratory conditions, interacting with their toddlers, aged 12, 24, and 36 months old. With a television playing in the background, the number of words and phrases spoken by the parents dropped precipitously.”

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