Inspirational talks for conferences, seminars and client events on sound, conscious listening and powerful speaking. 

As a five-time TED.com speaker with a universal subject, Julian speaks all over the world at conferences for business, academic and other audiences. His unique blend of accomplished stage technique, powerful visuals and lots of sound make his talks different, memorable and transformative. The audience reaction has been hugely positive on every single occasion, and the organisers have universally been delighted with the impact and the value of Julian’s contributions.

“Julian’s keynote within our annual Panasonic Convention 2013, which we organise for more than 1,500 editors and dealers, was very well received by all guests who attended his presentation. For me, his presentation was not only an inspiration business-wise (because it was such a good fit for our consumer electronics products and Panasonic’s name (meaning “Global sound”), but it was also good mixture of information – conveyed in a very lively way – and provided great learnings for everyday life. His subject of sound is universal and relevant for everyone, and I would recommend him as keynote speaker for other opportunities within Panasonic and externally.”
Anne Guennewig, Senior Manager, Corporate Communications, Panasonic Europe

For more information, please call +44 845 500 2511 or email:
Fran Board | fran@juliantreasure.com
Julian Treasure | julian@juliantreasure.com

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