PLGBC2015_fot_JoannaNowicka_124“Sound profoundly affects us all, and yet most people are unconscious of it, habitually suppressing the sound around them. Listening is an untaught and unpracticed skill, and the amazing instrument that is the human voice has been marginalised for decades as we have relegated more and more of our communication to typing and reading off screens. we teach our children how to read and write, but not how to speak and listen.

My vision is to transform the world by inspiring people to start listening consciously and speaking powerfully. Conscious listening is the doorway to understanding, and is crucial for the survival of democracy and civil society, which rely on enlightened disagreement. It also allows us to design environments that enhance, rather than damage, our wellbeing, effectiveness and happiness. Powerful, positive speaking liberates us to realise our dreams, make a difference and be known for who we are.

My company, the Sound Agency, has been helping brands and organisations to listen and make consciously positive sound for over a decade. I want to do the same for every person in the world. My TED talks have already reached over 40 million people, but that’s not even one percent of the world, so I am seeking ways to extend this by orders of magnitude.

My vision in a nutshell: a world that listens consciously and can express itself beautifully.”