Results revealed…!


Another huge thank you for the unprecedented response we received from the recent survey.

Your answers almost unanimously focussed on three core goals, which I will deliver to you in this new programme:

1) Learn to speak with power and influence; give your words the weight they need to make a difference

2) Be concise, complete and clear in all your communication; articulate those great ideas and get them readily accepted

3) Discover how to speak into the listening of your audience so you get the attention you deserve

Over the next few months we’ll be developing this new resource. I’ll keep you updated and, for those of you who’ve helped us out, keep your eyes and ears peeled for your very special offer.

Thank you – survey results


A huge thank you to everyone who completed last week’s survey. Your response has been absolutely unprecedented and I’m incredibly grateful for your generosity.

The volume of answers poses a very welcome problem; we’ve got so much data that it’s going to take a lot longer than I’d anticipated before I can start sharing the results and letting you know about the direction of the new training programme! So, please bear with me, and keep you all updated.

Can you help?


I’m very excited to be building a brand new training programme, and would like to focus on the issues that are most important to you.

Would you be kind enough to answer a couple of very short questions for me?

Questions can be found here, and we’ll be going through answers on Monday.

How to speak so people listen – Live Q&A

To celebrate the release of my fifth TED talk, I’ll be holding a free On-air Hangout to answer any questions that arise from the talk.

How to speak so people listen is going live on on Friday 27th June.

Visit the event page to confirm your attendance and submit your questions (or email them to