Day 5: R.A.S.A.

Today we focus on RASA, which stands for: Receive Appreciate Summarise Ask. Let me show you what this means, and how to use it to transform your conversations whether at home or at work. This one can radically alter your outcomes!

Your Instructors

Julian Treasure

Julian Treasure is a sound and communication expert, and five-time TED speaker. His talks have been watched more than 40 million times! His vision is for a world that listens consciously and expresses itself beautifully. Julian’s love of sound stems from his early experience as a musician. He was a drummer for British band The Transmitters, amongst many others, and played on their second Peel Session in 1981.

Jane Majendie

Jane’s purpose and passion is to strengthen your connection to You; your best health& best body inside& out. “Together we will find and create a personally tailored style of exercise to meet all of your needs, one you will love& want to practise each day. One that is good for you and one that is easy to maintain