3 outcomes of conscious communication

How to be Heard teaches practical habits to transform your communication skills. But what is the greater impact of this on your life? I believe there are three overarching outcomes to conscious communication. These are outcomes that I’m sure you will care about a great deal.

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The sound of silence: 11 simple meditations from Lake Orta

In the middle of beautiful Lake Orta, near Milan, is Isola S. Giulio. This small island houses a basilica and a convent for a community of nuns of a silent order, which is why it’s known as ‘the island of silence’. Encircling the island is a single footpath: La Via del Silenzio. Visitors are encouraged to walk the path in silent reflection, and every hundred metres or so there is a board showing one meditation on silence for the way out, and on the other side one for the way back.

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