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November 18, 2020

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18:00 GMT | 10 AM PST

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Where do you want others to focus on when you're speaking?


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Why is it important to attend?

Cameras and mics lie in between us in most, if not all, our meetings, in business and even in family life. Many people have struggled to get their message across in physical meetings, and now the challenge has gone to another level. What are the rules and the pitfalls of the new normal meetings on Zoom, social media, FaceTime and other platforms? How can you come across as a confident, effective speaker? What are the tips and tricks that can produce a polished, professional result - and the most common mistakes that can rob you of effectiveness?

During this crash-course you'll learn:

3 easy tricks to look and sound your best

The new 'unspoken rules' of video/audio conferencing

The essential checklists for before, during and after

Handy software that can boost your effectiveness and appearance

Content tips: screenshare, recordings best practices

After this masterclass you will have all the tools you need to be a masterful communicator in video and audio, whether it’s a family get together or a business presentation.

Julian's vision for communication

“We teach our children how to read and write, but not how to speak and listen.
Listening is untaught and usually unpractised. Our amazing human voice is marginalised as we communicate more and more through text, not spoken word.

Listening is the doorway to understanding. It is crucial for the survival of democracy and civil society. Powerful speaking liberates us to make a difference and be known for who we are. My vision is to transform the world by inspiring people to listen consciously and speak powerfully.”


+ Free bonus: 
Immediately receive a 72+ minute audio chapter of Julian's book How to be Heard in your inbox

What other say about Julian:

“If you’re thinking that sound doesn’t impact the power of your communication and your outcomes in life, you’re simply not listening close enough. Julian Treasure is a pure genius. He understands what motivates and moves people, and it’s all in the power of sound. How To Be Heard is an important read and something that everyone needs to hear. Pun intended.”

“Julian is on the cutting edge of changing how many perceive our world, with practical advice mixed with a fresh and innovative approach around the fields of sound and communication. I have benefitted from his advice and generosity and I would advise anyone to tune in to his world and thinking”

“Julian’s books should be bibles for anyone who works in sound communication. I’ve been doing it for 40 years, teaching it for 20, and still I learn from him every time I open a page.”

Answers to your questions

I can't attend the course live, can I watch it later?

Yes, you can simply purchase and we will make sure you receive a link to the recording.

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A certificate of completion is optional. If you want to receive a printable digital certificate of completion, you can choose to add this to your order for just $14 after checking out.

How do I receive my certificate?

If you choose to receive a certificate, we will send you an email with a test. If you complete the test within 7 days with at least a 80% score you receive a certificate with your name.

When does the live event take place?

You can attend this crash-course LIVE at 5PM GMT - Check your local timezone here.

When do I receive the recording?

You will receive a recording of the crash-course in your inbox within 24 hours after the live event.