moodsonic™ CD set

At last you can design your soundscape to support you in what you want to do.

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moodsonic™ has been produced by world experts in psychoacoustic sound to elicit and maintain the three most desirable states for busy people: Relax, Energize and Think.

Combining musical elements with natural sounds and the latest in sound design and effects, our three soundscapes were created generatively – composed and played live by a computer according to sophisticated algorithms and psychoacoustic rules. This is bespoke audio specifically designed to support your desired state.

Whether you aim to work, rest or re-energise, these unique, psycho-acoustically programmed soundscapes can help move you into the right state fast, and keep you there longer. Each soundscape is a full hour long, and can be looped as required. Copy them onto your personal stereo and listen to them through good quality headphones, or pop the CD on your home stereo system… in either case, set the volume at a moderate, ambient level and let the sound gently take you to where you need to go.

CD1: Relax
Slow tempos and low psychoacoustic densities combine with frequency filters to create sound that will soothe and nourish you in contemplation, meditation, relaxation or going to sleep.

CD2: Energize
Shake off road weariness in the morning or prepare for a major evening as high tempos and stimulating sounds Invigorate you and activate your body’s energy-giving neural and physiological processes.

CD3: Think
Your cognition will be gently stimulated by sound that refreshes and facilitates mental processes whilst not distracting your thoughts from where they need to be. You’ll be able to think and work better, for longer.

moodsonic™: sound that helps you feel right.