How to be Heard

9781633536715_FC-1Secrets for Powerful Speaking and Listening 

Do you ever feel like you’re talking but nobody’s listening?
Develop simple habits that will transform your communication skills.

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Prepare your voice for life’s important moments

From meeting new friends to asking for a pay rise, your voice does a lot.

A rich, strong voice can transform how well you do and how confident you feel. Warm up your voice before any important conversation with Julian’s short exercises.

  Julian’s training testimonials


All aspects were very practical and easy to apply… Do it! You’ll gain more than you ever thought possible.

Five stars 200


You’ll learn so much about how to communicate and be stretched and grown around your presentation skills.

Five stars 200


Definitely go for it! You will be leaving feeling a huge boost of confidence like you have learned something new.

Five stars 200

Julian’s vision for communication

“We teach our children how to read and write, but not how to speak and listen. Listening is untaught and usually unpractised. Our amazing human voice is marginalised as we communicate more and more through text, not spoken word.

My vision is to transform the world by inspiring people to listen consciously and speak powerfully.

Listening is the doorway to understanding. It is crucial for the survival of democracy and civil society, which rely on enlightened disagreement. Powerful speaking liberates us to make a difference and be known for who we are.

My vision in a nutshell: a world that listens consciously and can express itself beautifully.”

The Communication Academy

We’re creating an online resource dedicated to teaching speaking and listening skills.

You’ll be able to articulate your ideas with clarity, inspire others and engage with people around you. The academy will launch later in 2017.

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