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Julian Treasure is a sound and communication expert, and five-time TED speaker. His talks have been watched more than 100 million times! His vision is for a world that listens consciously and expresses itself beautifully. Julian’s love of sound stems from his early experience as a musician. He was a drummer for British band The Transmitters, amongst many others, and played on their second Peel Session in 1981.


How to Speak So That People Want to Listen

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Looks what’s arrived!

I was so excited to get this in the post today! It’s looking beautiful, and I can’t wait for your copies to arrive too.


Judging and happiness: How to break your blaming habits

I was taught this exercise many years ago by a wise old friend named Charlie. I was bemoaning someone being in my way and Charlie put his hand on my arm.


How sound affects our happiness

“In the silence, you tend to meet yourself.” I’m excited to share this new video we’ve made with TED.


Visual listening: Building relationships over the phone

These days, business is rarely done in person. And as Sherie Griffiths says, “longterm business relies on relationships…


Verbal judo: How to use words to diffuse conflict

Language is a powerful tool, which can play a transformative role in conflict.


3 outcomes of conscious communication

How to be Heard teaches practical habits to transform your communication skills. But what is the greater impact of this on your life?


The sound of silence: 11 simple meditations from Lake Orta

In the middle of beautiful Lake Orta, near Milan, is Isola S. Giulio. This small island houses a basilica and a convent for a community of nuns of a silent order, which is why it’s known as ‘the island of silence’.


Stephen Hawking on the power of communication

Thank you to the most brilliant mind. “For millions of years, mankind lived just like the animals. Then something happened which unleashed the power of our imagination. We learned to talk and we learned to listen.


E-etiquette: Tips for effective online communication

Do you know when to choose text over a call? Or worry about how to sign-off your emails? With so many different communication channels to choose from, digital conversations are a minefield of misunderstanding and uncertainty.


The future of listening

Alex Doman is co-author of the book Healing at the Speed of Sound. And as you might imagine, we’re very attuned when it comes to the power of listening. “Ultimately, listening is an expression of conscious intention, caring, and compassion for one another. If we take the time to truly connect and to listen, we learn far more than through any words that we speak”, he says.


The tyranny of the eyes

People have always been scared of public speaking, but now it seems we have a generation scared of private speaking too.


Listening in business: The pros and cons of critical listening

In business, in education and in any debate or argument, critical listening is often the natural place to go. It’s very powerful. It involves critical assessment of the other person’s message, often involving the little noise in your head giving a running commentary.


How to build an instant connection: The power of generosity in speaking

Do you ever struggle to create a natural, effortless connection with your audience? This might be in public speaking or in personal conversations. The basis of creating genuine connections when you speak comes down to one simple rule: it’s not about you.


Teaching listening to children: 5 simple exercises

I receive many messages from teachers and parents about teaching listening skills to their children. I’ll be collating various resources over the coming weeks but, for now, here are some quick practical exercises.


Does public speaking get you down? 9 tips and tricks

Speaking and listening are critical skills for anyone who wants to make a difference, as a leader, a parent, a spouse, a friend or a colleague. So… how much thought, time and energy have you put into actively developing your speaking and listening? If the answer is not much, here are nine secrets of powerful speaking and conscious listening.


How to be Heard: Why does it matter?

Today’s the day! How to be Heard: Secrets for Powerful Speaking and Listening has officially been released internationally! Why should you take notice? Here’s a short video explaining why communication matters.


Four benefits of better speaking

Today I want to talk about the power of speaking. Five times as many people have watched my talk about speaking than the one about listening. That says a lot.


What stops us communicating?

I’m often asked why I wrote How to be Heard. The answer is that, in my experience, most people don’t listen very well. And they don’t speak very well either. The problem often stems from many social causes.


Transform your relationships with three types of listening

Listening is so much more than understanding those around us. Being conscious of the three types of listening can transform how you relate to others – and to yourself!


Communication, collaboration, and open plan offices

Whilst vast amounts of research has demonstrated the damaging effects of open plan offices on productivity, open plan offices are often seen as the more collaborative and sociable option.


Is your communication holding you back? The benefits of better speaking.

The human voice has remarkable power to incite change, from the smallest nuance in a relationship to global impact in politics. But whilst we joyfully celebrate our child’s first words, as soon as conversation begins to flow we start to take the skill of speaking for granted.


The power of language: How your words may predict your future mental health

We often “read between the lines” in communication… We analyse language in an attempt to decipher what is truly happening behind the words that are being spoken


The emotional barriers to listening

There is an inverse relationship between listening and upset emotions. The more upset you become, the harder it gets to listen to someone.


Interrupting: The ultimate conversation killer

One common habit that springs from the desire to be right is interrupting. This may result from speechwriting, as described earlier, but it can, and often does, arise with no planning at all—simply an overbearing desire to disagree, demand an answer or make a point now, without waiting for the other person to finish.


5 ways that listening can change your life

In order to communicate well, it’s critically important to be able to listen well too. A great listener has enormous advantages in the world. Listening is not a natural ability – it’s a skill that can be nurtured. You can listen to the audio blog or read the transcription below.


Susan Cain: The quiet revolution

In a society that encourages social, outgoing traits, Susan Cain is a spokesperson for introverts. We caught up to discuss the role of quiet in our increasingly noisy world.You can listen to the audio interview, or read the transcript below.


The 4 ways sound affects us

Sound affects every aspect of our lives – even in our communication. I want to talk in this short blog about the ways sound affects us. You can listen to the blog or read the transcript below.


Three ways to avoid email misunderstandings

When it comes to clear communication, email can be difficult terrain to navigate. Have you ever felt that your message has been misconstrued? Or mistakenly taken offence at an innocent response? The confusion is often resolved, but frequent misunderstandings impact our relationships and productivity.


Online course: How to speak so people want to listen

Get immediate lifetime access to 7 hours of teachings that will help you to speak with power and influence. Give your voice the weight it needs to transform your outcomes in life!

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